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Mastering Change & Clearing the Cluttered Mind

Bruce Kirkby On April 11, 2017

Hello MPI Members, and delegates to the 2017 Toronto Education Conference.
I’m very, very excited to join you up in Muskoka this May.
As someone with almost 20 years’ of experience speaking at conferences and events, I hold a sincere appreciation for the challenges faced by meeting planners; the relentless pace of change in your industry, the staggering amount on your plate, the high client expectations.  
So in our hour together, I’d like to explore two broad strategies to help you face such challenges, and ultimately elevate your game -- and your clients’.

1. Mastering Change; Overcoming the Five Common Barriers to Growth and Innovation

One of the greatest determinants of organizational success is the ability to seek and lean into the uncertainty that accompanies growth.
Oddly, there is a broadly held assumption that navigating unfamiliarity requires some sort of divine gift; either have it, or you don’t.  Which isn’t true. Rather, moving from our current comfort zone towards new levels of performance is a trainable, repeatable skill.  The same roadblocks  appear again and again: Fear, Judgement, Setbacks, Crises, and Paralysis.  Let’s explore together what these signposts are telling us, and learn to read their directions to successfully move forwards.
2. Clearing our Cluttered Brain; Maintaining Focus in the Age of Distraction.
In the modern workplace, everyone is overloaded. Recently, I six months living in a Himalayan Buddhist monastery with my wife and two young sons – seeking to regain attention and focus that I felt slipping from my busy life.    In those months, I learned that caring for our brain is not hard, and Muskoka, I’ll with you share some of the simple mental habits  --  think of this like tooth flossing and daily sit ups -- that can make a profound difference in focusing on what really matters at work, and in life.    
See you in May!  Maybe we’ll even have time to go for a SUP paddleboard together? (Better still if SUP sounds mildly scary to you, which means we can put some of what we learned into practice!)

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Bruce Kirkby is an award winning explorer, writer and photographer and can be contacted through Speakers Spotlight


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